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The Team Gets Bigger – Karon Argue's Inspiring Story: In 2019, Karon was asked to take part in a digital connection project for Alberta Health Services. This video is a great overview of just how much Karon has gone through on her journey back to wellness. 


Karon Argue has dealt with a laundry list of serious medical problems over the last 25 years: from severe diabetes, neuropathy that put her in a wheelchair, an h pylori bacterial infection that left her skeletal, loss of vision, and close to total kidney failure, to successful kidney and pancreas transplants. 


But no matter what life has thrown her, she keeps going with a smile on her face and a kind word for everyone she meets. 

The Beginning of Karon's Challenging Journey 
Karon Argue New Process

Karon has lived through severe type 1 diabetes, with excruciating complications like neuropathy. This left her wheelchair-bound for several years, but miraculously Karon has learned to walk again.

In addition to neuropathy, she was diagnosed with a severe bacterial infection in her stomach. She dropped down to only 87lbs. Her doctors confirmed that she was going to die if she didn't get the right treatments immediately.

Somehow she managed to get through this health crisis. This has left her with some additional stomach issues, which only added to her blood-sugar issues from diabetes.

And Then? Blindness....

As if that were not enough for one lifetime, diabetes also took 80% of her sight in one eye, which actually seems OK considering the vision she has now.


In 2010, Karon lost sight completely - in her GOOD eye, leaving her with 20% vision in her BAD eye only. As a graphic designer running a busy print shop, this was the kiss of death to her business.


She had to sell her business and try to figure out how to cope with this new trial.

The Big Flood of 2013

Karon's creative pursuits took another blow in the late spring of 2013 when her hometown of High River, Alberta was severely flooded.


While Karon's home was not completely submerged, she and her husband Darren were evacuated and unable to return for upwards of six weeks.


What they returned to was a basement ruined by sewage back up, including Karon's portfolio of artwork from over 25 years. 


Luckily, her book The Smooch was safe on the main floor!

Kidney Failure and Kidney Transplant 2015

Late in  2014, Karon had the misfortune of contracting the H1N1 virus. The illness hit her hard.

The virus and symptoms compounded Karon's health issues, and she was admitted to hospital. While there, an on-call doctor noted that her kidney function was failing - badly. 

Dialysis became a new part of Karon's health routine, and she was put on the list for a kidney transplant. 

On hearing of her condition, a friend offered to give Karen one of her kidneys. Miraculously they were a match! 

On June 18 2015, Karon got a new lease on life, a new kidney.

Pancreas Transplant 2018

Karon's kidney transplant was a success. Her body accepted her new organ and she began to heal from the surgery. No more dialysis! 

Her team of doctors saw how well she was doing - and her indomitable spirit - and decided to put her on the list for a pancreas transplant as well. 

During Christmas of 2018, Karon got the call: a donor. An unfortunate accident and a generous family meant a new lease on life for six different people across the province.


Karon, thankfully, received a new pancreas. 

Today Karon Argue is Thriving 

Karon has been through so much in her adult years, yet she remains active in the community, a fantastic mother of three, and still, with the help of CNIB, an incredible artist and children's book illustrator.


Her story and her absolute resilience continually inspire others to carry on with their dreams, despite the challenges they face. Her story also demonstrates the importance of registering your intent to be an organ donor.

Find out more news about Karon's journey.

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