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Karon Argue also offers her services as an engaging special event public speaker for any age - for school-age children of any age, to business professionals and social groups looking for a truly inspiring addition to their special event. 

In schools, Karon provides a hands-on experience, demonstrating how she overcomes her visual challenges to create incredibly detailed artwork. 

Why bring Karon to your school or event? 

"I love talking to all ages of students from Kindergarten to Grade 12. Ten years ago, I lost most of my vision but that hasn’t stopped me from achieving some pretty amazing goals. I have learned that there is a big difference between Sympathy and Compassion and my purpose for coming to do presentations is this – let kids see things from my perspective so compassion and understanding can thrive."

"I have just started using VR glasses called NuEyes which make life a lot easier for me when I create. By designing a visual mock-up of what I see, kids can see what I see! I have over 350 sets of simulators that allow kids to view the world through the eyes of someone who struggles with mobility and visual impairment daily."

"I bring a lot of samples of my work and a CCTV magnifier that kids can try. The aids that I use each day give the students an up-close and personal glimpse into my life."

"Sympathy is not what I am after, experiencing a room full of compassionate kids is my only goal. Ok, and maybe, just maybe to prove to myself that we are never too old to learn some new tricks and reach our goals."

Karon is an inspiration for adults, too.

Karon's resilience has astounded people throughout the region with her highly authentic depiction of what it's like to overcome all the obstacles life has thrown at her - and still, she not only continues to follow her dreams, but thrive in all aspects of her life. 

Let Karon Argue inspire your school, group or your next conference.


Contact Karon to book her for your school or event today!

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